Frequently Asked Questions About Kegs

How do I reserve a keg? How far in advance may I reserve a keg? 
The kegs shown as available to add to your checkout cart are what is currently in stock. Once you place your order and pay for your keg, we reserve it until pickup or delivery. If a reserved keg is not picked up within one week, we release it back into our inventory. If you'd like to place an order 9 or more days in advance, call us to arrange this with out Delivery Dispatch Team.

Do kegs come cold? Do kegs need to stay refrigerated?
Yes, our kegs are delivered cold and must be kept cold prior to service. If available, large tubs may be included upon request. Ice is not included.

Are keg and tap deposit fees refundable?
Yes, keg and tap deposit fees are refunded upon return or empty keg pickup.

What are the different sizes and how much beer do they hold?
1/2 barrel - Standard Keg (15.5 gal. or 124 pints)
1/4 barrel - "Pony" Keg (7.75 gal. or 62 pints)
1/6 barrel - "Corny" Keg (5 gal. or 40 pints)

Is there a deposit?
+$50 Deposit (keg only) OR +$100 Deposit (keg & tap)

Can I bring my own keg in to be filled?
1/6 barrel (5 gal.) kegs ONLY. Must be sanitized, purged of O2 and pressurized with 2-5 lb. CO2. Keg fills are ready within 48 hours. Fill options include what is currently available on tap.



What is your delivery radius?
Bellingham city limits. If you are within a 30 minute drive from Boundary Bay, call us to arrange delivery through our Delivery Dispatch Team.

How are keg deposit refunds issued for online orders?
Deposit refunds for online keg orders are issued online upon return. The funds go back onto the card used to place the order. Upon keg and tap return to Boundary Bay, customers must tell the recipient that they ordered online and need to be refunded. The refund will be issued online and an email confirmation will be sent. The refunded amount will appear on their bank statement within 5-10 business days.

What is the Keg Club vs. the Bus Club?
Keg Club Members pay a one-time refundable deposit fee of $50 which is returned to the Keg Club Member whenever you'd like to end membership. There are no extra fees to be keep membership active. Your contact information is kept on file for a quick and easy check-out process. Perks: Free beer delivery

Bus Club Members receive a monthly surprise pack delivered straight to their doorstep. Monthly surprises are different every month and include specialty, limited-release beers, seasonal six packs, snacks and Boundary Bay merchandise. Sign up for a 6-month ($99) or 12-month ($189) membership.