The Don
Double IPA

Stats: 9.5% ABV | 20°P OG | 100+ IBU

Three things you need to know about The Don.
1.    The Don answers to nobody.
2.    To The Don hop families are everything.
3.    The Don is loyal ‘til the end.

The hefty malt backbone balances the substantial gift of hops this Double IPA has to offer. You’ll be enjoying it, and then bada-bing you find the bottom of the glass.

Malts: 2-Row Pale | Pilsner | Vienna | Red Wheat
Hops: Eureka | Simcoe® | El Dorado |Mosaic®
Yeast: American Ale
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed

Aroma: Fresh Crushed Citrus | Lime Zest
Flavor: Candied Citrus | Boozy | Pine
Mouthfeel: Warming | Resinous