Sweetheart Sour.jpg

Sweetheart Sour

Stats: 9.75°P OG  | 6 IBU | 4.9% ABV

Introduce a new complexity to your palate. Sweetheart Sour is kettle-soured brew bolstered with cranberry and cherry puree from Oregon Fruit Products and fermented with Boundary ‘Sourpuss’, the house lactobacillus culture. The earthy funkiness of the culture grounds the tart cranberry, producing a tantalizingly dry finish.

Malts: SVM ‘Copeland’ | SVM Violetta | Vienna | SVM Light Crystal | SVM Wheat
Hops: German Hersbrucker
Yeast: Boundary ‘Sourpuss’ Culture
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed

Aroma: Sourdough | Earthy | Floral
Flavor: Tart | Cranberry | Hint Of Cherry
Mouthfeel: Light-bodied | Dry