Ski to Sea.jpg

Ski To Sea Race Day IPA

Stats: 15°P OG  | 55 IBU | 6% ABV

Race Day IPA is brewed to commemorate the tradition of Ski to Sea, Whatcom County’s original adventure race.

The Ski to Sea Race has been held consecutively  in Whatcom County since 1973. This seven-sport relay race covers 93 miles from Mt Baker to Bellingham Bay, showcasing the diverse natural beauty & outdoor recreational opportunities Whatcom County has to offer. What’s your leg?

Malts: Skagit Valley ‘Pilot’ | Pale 2-Row | Munich | Wheat | Honey Malt | Vienna
Hops: Cascade | Centennial | Citra®
Yeast: American Ale
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed

Aroma: Tropical | Biscuit | Grapefruit
Flavor: Juicy Citrus | Light Lemon
Mouthfeel: Light-bodied | Crisp