Pleasant Bay - matte.jpg

PleasanT Bay IPA

Stats: 14.5°P OG  | 55 IBU | 7% ABV

Lookout! Boundary Bay’s Pleasant Bay IPA takes an expedition into a luscious indulgence of tropical aromas, tantalizingly juicy citrus and pineapple flavors. Utilizing the late-addition of exotic, high alpha-acid hops, Pleasant Bay IPA’s presentation of fruity bitterness creates a lasting impression, much like a PNW sunset over The Bay.

Malts: 2-Row Pale | Munich | Honey Malt | Cara Ruby | Vienna | Wheat
Hops: Equanot | Zythos | Calypso
Yeast: American Ale
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed

Aroma: Stone fruit | Tropical
Flavor: Pineapple | Juicy Citrus | Light Malt
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied | Refreshing