Boundary Bay Catering Job Opportunities

Catering by Boundary Bay is committed to offering impeccable service and delicious, sustainable food for any event, and can easily accommodate dietary needs or allergies. We strive to source locally caught, farmed, and produced food at all times. Our region is rich in local businesses, farms, fishing, and community, and our goal is to contribute to these by strengthening connections whenever and wherever possible.

We cater anything from intimate gatherings to huge community events, breakfasts to gala dinners, and everything in between.


Barbeque and Banquet Cook

Barbeque and banquet are responsible for cooking and preparing menu items in accordance to standards set by the Catering Manager and Catering Chef. Barbeque and banquet cooks are high-energy professionals with great communication skills, food industry experience and a broad knowledge of food preparation. Cooks are responsible for food preparation for both BBQ sales and events, as well as required to have a great sense of timing and self motivation.


Banquet staff

Banquet staff are professional, high-energy individuals with excellent communication skills who can fulfill a broad range of tasks. Banquet staff greet customers, learn about their preferences, answer questions, setup for events, serve, bartend, as well as prepare and serve beverages and food. Independent motivation as well as critical timing skills are a necessity.