Faces of Boundary Bay: Ashlie LaLonde

A somewhat bittersweet edition of Faces of Boundary Bay, as we get to know, and wish a fond farewell to, Ashlie LaLonde. Ashlie was born and raised in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York State. While the area’s natural beauty made a deep and lasting impact on her, the tiny village couldn’t quite contain her boundless enthusiasm, and, after graduating high school a year early, she set out into the world.

Ashlie riding with coworker, Shelly in the 12th Man Van for the Bellingham St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Ashlie riding with coworker, Shelly in the 12th Man Van for the Bellingham St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

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She settled into Leadville, Colorado and enrolled into the Natural Resource Management program at Colorado Mountain College. While there she met Ryan Hogue, whom she would meet again, later in life. After her time in Leadville, she moved around a bit and eventually ended up in the Seattle area, where she studied at Earthworks Energy Healing Institute. Not only was this very beneficial to her personally, but it gave her the skills and abilities to help others become more healthy mentally, physically and emotionally, using techniques and processes outside the traditional bounds of modern health care.

When the Seattle lifestyle wasn’t quite to her liking, she drifted north to Bellingham, living out in Whatcom County for a while (back to the trees, mountains, and water she grew up with). One day, while lunching here at Boundary Bay (where she distinctly remembers being served by long time team member Pia Fischer) she ran into old friend Ryan Hogue, who was tending bar that day. In a very Bellingham way, one thing led to another, and shortly Ashlie was on our team, where she’s been for almost 12 years now.

Ashlie is a woman of many passions, one of the largest being music. She travels quite often to festivals and to see her favorite band, Phish. When she was 12, a friends mom went to get tickets for a Hootie and The Blowfish concert in Lake Placid NY (home to both the 1932 and 1980 winter Olympics). But, it wasn’t exactly Hootie as the tickets ended up being for Phish. Almost the same thing, right? It was the first show for Ashlie, and she has now seen them over 150 times, in all 4 corners of the country.

Some of her favorite venues were Red Rocks in Colorado, our own Gorge Amphitheater, Watkins Glen Speedway in the Finger Lakes region of NYS, and in the far northeast corner of Maine. Some of the acts she loves are Ani DiFranco, moe. and The Grateful Dead. She never got the experience of seeing The Dead with Jerry Garcia, but has seen every iteration since his passing.

As you would expect for someone with a dozen years in around here, Ashlie has a great many memories of BB. She has always appreciated the team/family aspect of working here, and the way Boundary, both as a company, and as individuals, is always ready to pitch in and help support the people, places, and things that make our community great.  She also appreciated all the great folks she’s had the chance to work, and socialize, with. She had a few special shout-outs to former and current team members including Abbey Rose Hastings, Pia Fischer, Samantha Roeder, Ben Glass, and Dane Whitehead.

A thing she really misses from the menu is the Halibut Tostada (maybe we can whip one up for old times sake). And, she used to order the Pork Chop with mustard sauce so often the kitchen started calling her Pork Chop. While these days she mostly sticks to a glass of red wine, she does have a few brews she loved while here, including the Imperial IPA, Amber, Cedar Dust, and the recent Gratitude.

Burning sage to set the mood four our beer delivery photoshoot!

Burning sage to set the mood four our beer delivery photoshoot!

Ashlie is moving on to an exciting new chapter in her life, relocating to Northeast California to be with her love, Jonesey, and start a family. They’ve got some room and they’ll be working together in the alternative medicine field. Ashlie also plans on building a nice workshop for her art works, which she sells all across the country. As a long time Guinea Pig owner, another of Ashlie’s dreams is to open a rescue haven for the little cuties, so that all those adorable critters that might otherwise befall a worse fate, have a safe place.

While we are all very happy for these new and exciting developments, we’re also sad that her bubbly, fun, and supportive personality won’t be around regularly. I suspect though (a little unicorn might have mentioned it) that we might see her around the time of Summer Meltdown.  Please take a moment to wish Ashlie the best before she flies off, she has certainly made an indelible mark on the history of Boundary Bay.