Boundary Brews a Sour: Currantly Hip

When the recipe calls for our house lactobacillus culture, black currants, and extended periods of fermentation, it sounds almost like a science experiment rather than a hype-train in the beer industry.

Four years ago, sour beers were uncharted territory for us, until Citraweisse, a kettle-soured Berliner-weisse changed the game. Refreshing and crisp, it quickly became our seasonal summer beer brewed with Bellingham’s notorious summers in mind. By popular demand you can now find it in bright, colorful cans on your local grocery store shelves!


The live lactobacillus culture involved in the process of brewing sours can be detrimental to wineries or breweries according to General Manager, Janet Lightner. Precautions had to be taken and new equipment need to be installed as we don’t have a designated sour tank.

Currantly Hip Sour

Currantly Hip Sour

Gaining momentum and confidence around this new culture, slowly but surely, the sours continue. It’s fun experimenting throughout the brewing process with unconventional fruits such as mango, apricot, citrus, cranberry and now black currant.

Our newest, Currantly Hip Sour, was brewed for the Oregon Beer Festival as it features fruits from Oregon Fruit Products. With a deep-purple hue and aromas of forest fruits lightly bubbling around a slight, yet pleasant, tinge of sour, Currantly Hip hits the spot. The bright-purple color (also incidentally Janet’s favorite color) makes it irresistible in this summer heat with its satisfying crisp, dry finish and tantalizing aromas.


It’s big news to us when we brew a sour, and we were lucky enough to snag a few kegs to have on tap at the brewery. They don’t last long so get in and try them before the last keg gets tapped!