Faces of Boundary Bay: Mickey Stylin

Another edition of Faces of Boundary Bay by Terry Urbanik, we would like you to meet a man of many talents, Mickey Stylin.


Catch him performing in the beer garden July 26th with Hot Damn Scandal and August 2nd with Hot House Jazz Band. This dude is on fire!  

Hailing from the wilds of Ferndale, Mickey Stylin is here for his fifth summer on our Garden Grill Gang. After growing up in Sandy Point, Mickey moved into Bellingham in 2006. Having been involved in music for many years, it proved to be his entry, albeit circuitously, to us here at Boundary Bay. Mickey’s band at the time, Chivalry Timbers, played a gig in the garden. Manning the grill that day was kitchen manager, Jesse Gilsoul. Mickey noticed from the stage that Jesse was keeping time behind the grill, using the spatulas, tongs, and other tools of the trade to keep time with the band.

After the gig they talked, and as Chivalry had no percussionist at the time, Jesse was asked to sit in with the band. A friendship developed, and when Jesse moved upstairs, he recommended Mickey to catering manager, Ilana, an interview was arranged, and he got the job. In addition to flipping us tasty burgers all summer, Mickey also helps Ilana and her crew with their many off-site catering jobs.

Currently, Mickey plays upright Bass for Hot Damn Scandal, and they’ve played the garden several times this summer. HDS tours a lot, and they’ve played several festivals and special events over the summer which Mickey finds rewarding and fun. He also plays with a group called Hot House Jazz Band and still performs with Chivalry Timbers. As with any musician who tours, stories and tales follow. One such story happened when Mickey and Jesse were on the road with Chivalry Timbers.


They had a day off, and were transiting from one town to the next, driving down 101 along the California coast. Jesse wanted to stop and catch part of a game, so they pulled into a local bar in some anonymous little town. After settling in, a local, who was perhaps more than a couple pints into his day, approached them, and said “you boys look like a band,” after confirming the man’s suspicions, he then said “there’s a stage right there, why ain’t you on it?” After a little back-and-forth, the guys went out to grab their instruments. While tuning up in the parking lot, folks started gathering around. After a bit, folks started coming out of the bar to listen. Apparently, this was putting a hurt on the business that day in the entertainment starved town, and the bartender came out and told them to get inside and play. It worked out well, as they made some gas money in tips, and the bar liked them so much that they comped the bands food and bar tab.

Away from work, practicing and rehearsing music takes up the majority of Mickey’s time, although there is also plenty of time for his dog, Tenor who came into Mickey’s life while he was in New Orleans. The Big Easy is notoriously musician friendly, and Mickey and his crew were staying in a crash house, with several other bands. Mickey noticed a dog hanging around his bands van, and befriended him. Turns out he was a stray that some other musicians had been giving some scraps too. When it was time to leave N’awlins, Mickey asked if the dog wanted to ride along. The answer is clear, and the pair can often be found together exploring Bellingham.

Mickey’s a hard worker no matter what he does, and you bet he does it with a smile. If you see him around either on stage or slingin’ burgers, give him a shout, he’s a pretty cool guy and we feel very lucky to have this talented fellow on our team!