Faces of Boundary Bay: Liam Elio

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Welcome to the newest edition of Faces of Boundary Bay.  Today we meet one of our newest team members, Liam Elio. Liam (whose last name is pronounced Ell-eo. It is of Basque Spanish heritage) joined us recently as a Sales Rep, mostly handling Snohomish County, and a few other spots south of Whatcom County.

Liam was born in Connecticut, and traveled around a fair bit growing up. He lived in London England for a couple years around the age 3-4, and also lived in Texas and Vermont, where he graduated high school. Then came the college years with stops in Massachusetts, Maine, and Indiana, where he, mostly, completed college. But the wanderlust was deep seated enough that it was time to move on.

Bellingham was a random stop on his travels, and he hit town on a Saturday night. By Tuesday morning, he was working at the Colophon Cafe in Fairhaven. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this gig would have a major impact on him. One of coworkers at the Colophon was a young lady named Della Plaster. Many of you will remember Della as one one of the Gallus Gals, who supported the Gallus Brothers shows here at BB, and other venues around town. Della dragged Liam along to some Gallus Brothers shows here at the brewery, and he was immediately struck by the sense of community in the local music scene.

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Before long he was active locally, and worked several years with the Bellingham Circus Guild, where he filled several roles. Of course he also had, in the Bellingham fashion, a variety of other gigs, including; a caretaker on Sinclair Island, kayak instructor, rafting guide, a driver for the Baker Bus, Lift Operator at the ski area, beekeeper, various jobs in the restaurant industry in town, and several years running a widely loved pizza wagon called Peace, Love, Pizza. One of the things he did was run a small bus company, using a converted school bus. He would take groups to concerts, or rent it out for private events. I went on a couple trips, and can vouch for the good times provided.

One of the things that struck him deeply during these times was the general sense of approachability of people around town, especially of various business owners such as our own Janet, John Goodman at the Wild Buffalo, and numerous others. This inspired him to help create community focused events such as Thrillingham, a free, open-to-anyone, performance of Michael Jacksons Thriller dance, that was performed in public yearly.

This openness was an indirect lead-in to his new role here. He received his degree in Outdoor Recreation in 2016, and was tightly tied to the outdoors scene in town. One of the folks he knew was our own Kari Humphreys. Recently, they were preparing for a rafting trip, and Liam mentioned to Kari that he was looking for a job. Kari called Jenny Schmidt, who also already knew Liam, Jenny called Janet, a hasty appointment for an interview was arranged, and when Janet found out that it was “LIAM!”, the deal was sealed.

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While Liam had a basic familiarity with Team Boundary, having been a customer and hosted events here over the years, finally seeing it from the inside has been eye-opening. From the sheer amount of staff we have, to all the different roles that need filling around here, to all the various events we’re involved with, the level of activity was a surprise.

As far as his job goes, he finds that the Boundary name is still held in high regard, and the various accounts he services are happy to see him, and eager for our product. He’s still learning the product line, and with all the seasonals, one-offs, and speciality brews we do these days, he knows the learning curve will continue. He’s already familiar with the Scotch Ale, as that beer is almost required drinking for a newcomer in Hamsterville, and many pints were consumed during Gallus Brothers shows.

Liam has a primarily vegetarian ethos, and has been exploring our menu as he can, but being on the road every day he doesn’t get the chance for a shift meal every day. Away from work, Liam will prefer to start his mornings with breakfast, coffee, and the crossword puzzle before diving into his day. Lately he’s been focusing on handyman-type jobs around the house, something he relishes, and is involved in several sports such as hockey, softball, snowboarding, and, until recently, volleyball. And, as always, his beloved rafting is rarely far from his thoughts.

Liam tends to get an early start, so many of you might not see him early, and are busy when he gets off, but take the time to say hi. He’s a welcome addition to our crew, and an all-around good person.