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Year in Review through Beer

As I sipped on my first beer of 2018, the nostalgia of 2017 started to creep up. We’ve come a long way as a brewery since 1995; changing slowly but surely with the times.

Walking into Boundary, enjoying a beer in the taproom, it’s easy to imagine what it felt like in 1995. Boundary has changed- or grown in some aspects, but the warm comfortable atmosphere and the liquid sunshine pouring from the taps
has stayed consistent.

As we cheers to 22 years of business, we always look forward to what the next year brings, but also never forget what the past year brought.

Year of Firsts

In 2017, Boundary had 485 events and brewed about 183,000 gallons of beer. Our first can, Cedar Dust was canned in February 2017 on Boundary’s
own canning machine.

Obligatory shotgun of the first Cedar Dust cans at Boundary Bay Brewery 

Obligatory shotgun of the first Cedar Dust cans at Boundary Bay Brewery 

The first of many cans of Cedar Dust being filled 

The first of many cans of Cedar Dust being filled 

Cedar Dust was followed by Citraweisse, Ski to Sea ESB, Traverse IPA and Cabin Fever, with Scotch Ale and Irish Red on the way.

2017 also brought five more taps behind the bar, including one devoted to cider, a nitro tap and two cask engines. We can’t forget that 2017 became the year that beer could be delivered to your door through Boundary Bay Beer Delivery.


Change through the Seasons

A few sips of your favorite beer at Boundary Bay and it starts to unfurl a whirlwind of memories of the year, reminiscing its way through the seasons.

It seems like forever ago 2017 started with a cold brew on a Sunday morning at Grumpy Hour. Or when the hops were in full bloom on the patio in spring and the alley was transformed into a mountain bike playground with the first Cedar Dust Alley.


The arrival of summer brought warm nights and longer days under the string lights of the Beer Garden Summer Series. A cold beer still sparks memories of singing and dancing to live music and a bustling BBQ. Summer 2017 also brought the first total eclipse of the 21st century.


Autumn came and went as the leaves changed from green to orange to red. The arrival of fall summoned our annual Halloween party and Haunted Fear Garden. In October, Boundary Bay Brewery won the silver award for the Best Music Venue in the 2017 Best of the Northwest Issue of Bellingham Alive.

Late fall and early winter brought the first time our beloved Cabin Fever has ever been canned, and in such a legendary can with artwork by Evan Whitehead. The cans brought warmth and comfort through the cold season with record-setting low temperatures of 34 degrees in November and the first snowfall of the year.


2018, We’re Ready for You

Cheers to change, but never completely forgetting our roots and values. Cheers to the community that makes Boundary Bay the place it is and has been since 1995. Cheers to a year full of good beer and good vibes as well as more to come.

Cheers to 2018.