BLIPA Flight #518

Stats: 15°P OG | 55 IBU | 7% ABV

The BLIPA, a new series of tropical and juicy IPAs, takes off with Flight #518. A departure from our classic Northwest & West-Coast style IPAs, this nonstop tropical adventure arrives with an orange haze and evocative flavors of Hawaiian pineapple and papaya. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your beer.

Malts: 2-Row Pale | Flaked Oats | Munich | Wheat
Hops: Ekuanot | EX06297 | Calypso | Zythos
Yeast: American Ale
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed

Aroma: Tropical | Pineapple
Flavor: Mango | Melon | Cantaloupe
Mouthfeel: Medium-Bodied | Luscious