Abrikozen Sour

Stats: 9.7°P OG | 10 IBU | 4.3% ABV

Ripe and succulent, Abrikozen is a kettle-soured beer brewed with 100% local malt from Skagit Valley. Tart complexity bursts from this Fragrant, hazy sour as a result of the copious addition of apricot, passionfruit and Pineapple purees. Abrikozen tantalizes senses with its delicate funkiness, sunshine complexion and dry finish.

Malts: Alba | Pilsner | Brau | Triticale | Vienna | Red Wheat | Hulls
Hops: First Gold | Summer | Mosaic
Yeast: Boundary ‘Sourpuss’ Culture
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed

Aroma: Apricot | Sourdough | Dried Mango
Flavor: Passionfruit | Tart Apricot | Citrus
Mouthfeel: Light-Bodied | Dry