40-Mile Fresh Hop.jpg

Aaron's Orchard

Stats: 12.3°P OG  | 40 IBU | 5.5% ABV

As the name suggests, 40-Mile Fresh Hop is brewed solely with ingredients sourced within 40 miles of the brewery. This palate-pleaser boasts a bouquet of whole-cone hops from a farm in Lynden. 40-Mile Fresh Hop utilizes a plethora of unique barley varieties grown in Skagit Valley and malted by Skagit Valley Malting in Burlington. This Pale Ale highlights that you don’t have to go far to enjoy a truly local beer.

Malts: 100% Skagit Valley: ‘Obsidian | ‘Violetta’ | Munich | ‘Brau’ | ‘Club Wheat’ | Vienna
Hops: Centennial | Chinook | Cascade | Glacier | Magnum | Nugget | Columbus
Yeast: Bounday Ale
Water: Lake Whatcom Watershed

Aroma: Floral | Fresh Cut Grass
Flavor: Citrus | Bitter
Mouthfeel: Medium-Bodied | Compact